By every measure, guests find their accommodations at Chattaronga to be exceptional, comfortable and restful – a safe respite in the very heart of Africa. Whether at our spacious home lodge or miles away in the Zimbabwe bush, we are known for providing environments where relationships flourish, great stories are shared over delicious meals, and friendships forged here are maintained and treasured across continents, and years.

South Africa Lodging

Zimbabwe Lodging


Gracious hospitality comes with the territory at Chattaronga. Hunters and their guests mingle with staff and the entire Krüger family around campfires, evening cocktail and hors d’oeuvre service , and dining tables.

Whether a guest prefers more intimate private dining or as part of the larger group, we pride ourselves on the outstanding meals prepared fresh onsite by our celebrated chefs. Chef Shepard serves a daily selection of wild game dishes in addition to traditional favorites from family recipes, all of which can be paired with an excellent selection of South African wines. Outdoors, our sizzling barbecue area offers an ideal venue for capturing the last moments of daylight on another incomparable day.

As the sun sets, our amply-stocked bar is a great spot for sampling popular and exotic South African wines, spirits and beers – all enjoyed along with tales of exhilarating experiences and adventures in the African bush.